About us


K.R.Narayanan National Institute of Visual Science & Arts is an innovative venture in professional film /audio-visual training and a research centre of international standards established by the Government of Kerala at Thekkumthala in Kottayam District.

The rapid developments in the field of visual media with its wide scope and potential, has opened up wide opportunities in the creative field.  The purview of this medium has been extending to various faces of human life day by day.  But, India is yet to emerge as a leader in this area, mainly due to lack of expertise and exposure to the latest developments in the technological aspects of filmmaking and digital arts.  Providing quality training and fine tuning talented and qualified hands may be the answer to this problem.  India is a country with rich, deep-rooted traditions in art and culture.  With the exposure to global concepts and a deeper knowledge of the technological advances worldwide, better training methods on a par with international standards may have to be developed. It is in this regard that the Government of Kerala conceived the idea of establishing a National Institute of Visual Science & Arts in the name of the late           Shri. K.R. Narayanan, the former President of India.



The Institute consists of a Governing Council comprising key officials and experts from different areas of expertise in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Institute. The general superintendence, control and administration of the Institute vests with the Governing Council consisting of the following members:-

1.    Chief Minister, Kerala State- Chairman                             

2.    Minister for Education, Kerala State- Co-Chairman.

3.    Member of Parliament, Kottayam –Member.                       

4.    Local MLA- Member

5.    Additional Chief Secretary (Higher Education)-Member.

6.    Secretary, Finance Department- Member

7.    Chairman of the Institute- Member

8.    Two expert members to be nominated by the Chairman, Governing Council.

9.    Two expert members to be nominated by the Co-Chairman, Governing Council

10. One expert member to be nominated by the local MLA.

11. One expert member to be nominated by the Secretary of the Institute.

12. Secretary of the Institute – Member Secretary                                                 


Chairman – Shri.Harikumar R

Director – Dr.K.Ampady, IIS


Governing Council Members (G.O (Rt) No.566/2017/HEDN dated 27-03-2017)

  1. Shri.Pinarayi Vijayan, Chief Minister, Kerala State – Chairman

  2. Prof.C.Raveendra Nath,Minister for Education, Kerala State – Co-chairman

  3. Shri.Jose K Mani, Member of Parliament- Member

  4. Shri.Oommen Chandy, Local MLA – Member

  5. Principal Secretary, Higher Education Department – Member

  6. Secretary, Finance Department – Member

  7. Shri.R.Harikumar, Chairman of the Institute – Member

  8. Dr.K.Ampady, IIS, Director of the Institute – Member

  9. a. Shri.M.P.Sukumaran Nair

b. Shri. T.R.Reghu Nathan Two experts to be nominated by the Chairman, Governing Council

  1. One expert to be nominated by Local MLA – Member

  2. a. Shri.V.M. Pradeep

b. Shri.Uzhavoor Vijayan Two experts to be nominated by the Co-chairman, Governing Council

  1. One expert to be nominated by the Director of the Institute in consultation with the Minister for Education and the Principal Secretary, Higher Education


Executive Council

  1. Shri.R.Harikumar, Chairman of the Institute – Chairman

  2. Dr.K.Ampady, IIS, Director of the Institute – Secretary

  3. Shri.T.Anish, Under Secretary to Government, Higher Education Department - Member

  4. Shri.N.Sreekumar, Joint Secretary to Government, Finance Department

  5. Smt.Anajali Menon – Member

  6. Shri. Priyanandanan, Film Maker – Member


Academic Council

  1. Shri. Girish Kasaravally- Chairman

  2. Shri. Santhosh Sivan- Cinematography

  3. Shri. Satheesh P M- Audiography

  4. Shri. Sreekar Prasad- Editing

  5. Shri. Prakash Moorthy- Animation & VFX

  6. Shri. Sanath P C- Animation & VFX

  7. Shri. N Harikumar- Audiography

  8. Shri. Nassar- Acting

  9. Shri. Harikumar R- Chairman KRNNIVSA

  10. Dr. K Ampady- Director KRNNIVSA

  11. Shri. Chandramohanan Nair- Dean KRNNIVSA

  12. Shri. P. Balachandran.

  13. Shri. T Krishnanunni.

  14. Smt. Beena Paul.

  15. Shri. Sunny Joseph.

  16. Shri. Shyama Prasad.

  17. Chairman Chalachithra Academy.

  18. Dean (Film)- FTII, Pune.

  19. Dean, SRFTI, Kolkatha.

  20. Director, National School of Drama.


Boards of Studies

Acting Department

  1. Shri. P Balachandran- Chairman

  2. Smt. Surabhi Lakshmi

  3. Shri. Vinay Fort

Audiography Department

  1. Shri. Krishnanunni- Chairman

  2. Shri. Pramod Thomas

  3. Shri. Dwarak Warrier

Editing Department

  1. Smt. Beena Paul- Chairman

  2. Shri. Vinod Sukumaran

  3. Shri. Mahesh Narayanan

Cinematography Department

  1. Shri. Sunny Joseph- Chairman

  2. Smt. Fowzia Fathima

  3. Shri.Madhu Neelakandan

Script Writing and Direction Department

  1. Shri. Shyama Prasad- Chairman

  2. Shri. K. N Sasidharan

  3. Smt. Anjali Menon

Animation and VFX

  1. Shri. Praksah Moorthi- Chairman

  2. Shri. Sanath P C

  3. Smt. Silpa Ranade