Rahul K R

Rahul acquired his postgraduate degree in Electronic Media from Pondicherry University in 2012. Additionally, he also has a master’s diploma in Multimedia and Animation. He has been working in animation, Vfx, Film, Advertisement and New media industries for the last 9 years in roles such as Generalist, Lighting and Compositing artist. Over and above his creative and technical skills, he also possesses a sound academic background.

He has more than 4 years of Assistant Professorship at St. Thomas’ (Autonomous) College, Trissur. During this time he has presented a paper titled “Role of graphics in the present scenario of Malayalam film industry-A contemporary analysis” in the seminar on “Contemporary trends in Multimedia productions” conducted by Malabar College of Advanced Studies, Vengara, Malappuram. He has been conducting many workshops on Multimedia and VFX for students, teachers and professionals in many governmental and non-governmental organizations.